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The Online Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism

Tutorial #2 ‘Soulwork’ Suggestions

We trust you are enjoying sitting with the offerings from the second of our three sessions together. Do remember that this work is sometimes palpable, often subtle yet always powerful. Based on all we covered in the second Tutorial, here are some ideas on how to integrate all you have learned. These are only suggestions and there is no obligation to follow them – your choice. You might consider sharing a photo or brief insight or two on our private Facebook ‘Cainteoirí ó Chroí’ Gaelic for ‘Speaking from the Heart’ Talking Stick page. 

1.Your ‘Heartline’ Connection to Ériu and her sacred island of Ireland

The indigenous people of Australia talk of ‘Songlines’ in the land. For us, we are aware of what we call the ‘Heartlines’ – the intentions that link places and especially the diaspora to the island of Ireland. Begin to foster awareness of your connection to Ériu since the Immram (Gaelic for Journey) and your Heartline here. For some that may mean a Lineage of Irish or Celtic Soul heritage or if you live here a palpable sense when you walk on or place your hands in the soil. You may journal on this if you wish.

2.Deeper Connection with your Lia

Your stone now carries the energy of Ireland since your Tutorial #2 Immram. Does it look or feel different now? Is there anything in its pattern or shape that draws your attention since? You may like to place your new stone under your pillow at night and note your dreams. Also, you can leave it in the Earth to bask in the Sunlight and/or Moonlight. Consider bringing it to work in your pocket or handbag. 

3. Sacred Conversations with Nature’s Creatures

Since the week between your first and second Tutorial, you were invited to go about your day opening up to the ever-present signs of Spirit conversing with you through Nature. Let this experience now deepen especially with Nature’s creatures. For example, what your dog/s or cat/s are doing since starting this sacred work.

Enjoy these simple practices and consider sharing a little on our private Facebook page.

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