Graduates of Introduction to
Native Irish Shamanism
– A Special Gathering

A Free Event
In Gratitude & Appreciation

Live Sunday September 19th 5PM – 7PM (Irish Time)

We are joyful to share news of an exclusive online gathering for the many people worldwide who have taken the Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism. This is a gift from us and a way to express gratitude to you who have been called by our native tradition. The Introduction training provides a strong foundation that will be offered deeper healing and mystical practices on September 19th.

At the Heart of this Special Gathering
will be an Immram

At the heart of this special gathering will be an immram that brings you into the circle and epicentre of energies that are held in a sacred site in Ireland that may be aged to 4600BC, making it potentially over 6,500 years old.

Entering Dereenataggart Stone Circle is like stepping into a bath of the softest, warmest, most comforting energy. The experience of ordinary time evaporates instantly here in the circle of the Ancient Ones. Built by the Ancestors to harness and celebrate Earth and Sky communion, this is a temple to Creation, a highly potent circular womb for life to be seeded and born.

In the centre notch of the Axial Stone (largest recumbent stone), sits the light of sunset at Cónocht an Fhómhair/Autumn Equinox. The latter occurs just 3 days after our gathering on September 22nd, the immram will bring you directly into the sacred Ancestral landscape of Ireland where seasonal light and healing Soulcraft are Nature’s alchemy.

Join John of Slí An Chroí and let your healing shamanic path find the way to Dereenataggart Stone Circle for personal and world healing at this special seasonal time. View Derreenataggart Stone Circle on Google Maps here.


A Stone / Lia

This is a stone from the location where you currently live. It can be from your garden or wilderness. You may already have stones inside or around where you reside and you can choose from them, if you wish. You may like to bring the stone from your Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism training. If you carry a mála naofa, it can be one of your sacred lia. You are free to choose a stone uniquely for this immersion into the Derreenataggart Stone Circle

A journal / Pen / Pencil

Drinking Water

Pillow and blanket / covering when lying down

Our hunger for connection, belonging, oneness often requires the resonance of a particular tradition or culture. One that speaks to you directly into your Heart.
May you find even greater resonance with Ireland’s lineage and in the reward of that, find greater connection and belonging with yourself and all of Nature, in this world and the Otherworld, flying with shaman’s wings.

Upcoming Date

Sunday 19th September

Online via Zoom

5.00pm-7.00pm Irish time. Check your own local time at

Online via zoom. You will receive the link 24-48 hours prior to the gathering. Please check your spam folder too.

Online Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism. Those who have attended the Shamanic One day introduction, Medicine Spiral or Healers Spiral are welcome to the gathering also.

Receive the Link to Join the Gathering

We sincerely hope that you will join John live and if unable to do so, you will be extended a recording of the gathering to immerse and enjoy at your own pace.

 You will receive the link 24-48 hours prior to the gathering.

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