Soulwork Suggestions

Tutorial #1 ‘Soulwork’ Suggestions

We trust you are enjoyed sitting with the offerings from the first of our three sessions ‘together’. This work is sometimes palpable often subtle yet always powerful. Based on all we covered in the first Tutorial, here are some ideas on how to integrate all you have learned. These are only suggestions and there is no obligation to follow them – your choice. If you do, you might consider sharing a photo or brief insight or two on our private Facebook ‘Cainteoirí’/Talking Stick forum. 

1. Sacred Space

Begin to foster awareness of the directions of North, East, South and West in your home. This is easy to do as the Sun always rises in the East, is in the South/North (depending on your Hemisphere) at noon and sets in the West. What does each direction mean to you if anything? You may journal on this if you wish.

2. Father Sun and Grandmother Moon

When the Sun shines and you see the Moon, stop, take three deep breaths and invite the Sunlight or Moonlight with your Intention into your womb/power centre (2nd Chakra), your heart (4th Chakra) and ‘medicine eye (3rd Eye 6th Chakras). In the Irish shamanic tradition, these are the 3 Cauldrons of energy. You may do this with your hands ‘scooping’ the light in or with your intention (especially if somewhere public).

3. Befriend your Lia

Place your new stone under your pillow at night and note your dreams. Leave it in the Earth to bask in the Sunlight and/or Moonlight. Bring it to work in your pocket or handbag. See how you feel with this ‘sacred tool’ to accompany you during your day and night.

4. Mother Earth and Father Sky Conversations

As you go about your day, take a little time to be open to the ever-present signs of Spirit conversing with you through Nature. For example: the bird on your windowsill, the rainbow, the trees rustling in the breeze etc.

5. Return To Sacred Stone Journey

Use this Youtube link  to replay the Immram (shamanic journey) from Tutorial #1, as your sacred Lia (personal medicine stone) guides you deeper into Nature’s healing energies on the heartbeat of an bodhrán (drum). Ensure you have created the setting of a quiet, undisturbed space.

Enjoy these simple practices and their deep insights.

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