An Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism

Go into Nature and So Into Yourself

Currently on hold due to Covid-19 Pandemic. We are holding an online versions. All details on the Online Introduction to Shamanism page. However please do continue to read as the elements below are included in both.

We explore the founding wisdom and experience the primary ways that make the shamanic practitioner ‘a true caretaker’ of the Self and of the Earth. In the workshop, we see how the shamanic practitioner views life as an epic adventure to greater and greater health, wisdom and compassion by being grounded, open and free in Nature. Many attendees at this workshop, refer to an inner knowing guiding them towards coming into circle with others and sitting as our Ancestors did, openly around the fire.

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A One Day 'Welcome'
to Healing, Shamanic Practice and Holistic Living



We take gentle, early steps into 'Journeying' with the rattle and drum, an elemental shamanic practice to travel to realms beyond ordinary reality.


In our 'Journeys', we retrieve teachings and guidance by connecting with 'power animals' and 'spirit guides' always walking in the world with sacred support.

Fire Ceremony

We share the simple power of a Fire Ceremony and glimpse the ecstasy of experiencing eternal life here and now, said to be the destination of the healing Shaman’s path in all traditions. With this, we have the opportunity to let go any worries or cares creating space to welcome in new attributes of self care.


We look at the Medicine Spiral, the lifelong path of learning taken by the shamanic practitioner and throughout the day we see how the ancient wisdom of shamanism inspires true holistic living from the heart.

Earth Connection

We connect deeply with the energies of the Earth honouring and respecting her generousity, abundance and nourishment for ourselves and others.

Spiritual Adventure

It is a wonderful opportunity to take time out, to give to yourself a day of warmth and spiritual adventure. It is a stand alone day, a self-contained, 'one-off' experience that yields positive breakthrough with any outstanding issue/s prevailing in your life.

Bringing Forth Innate Resources

The Shaman is often referred to as the natural mystic, bringing forth resources and the problem solving consciousness that lies within us all. There is no hierarchy, no sacred book, no dogma nor any theology. Only the equality, simplicity, acceptance and celebration of inclusivity for all beings.

This Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism Workshop offers a safe, confidential and sacred space to take a voyage of self-healing in community with like-hearted people from all walks of life.

 It is a wonderful opportunity to take time out, to give to yourself a day of warmth and spiritual adventure. This is a stand alone, self-contained, one off experience that yields positive breakthrough with any outstanding issue prevailing in your life. It is also a stepping stone into a deeper exploration of Shamanism.

Many who attend decide on additional study, practice and training with Slí An Chroí, notably through the Medicine Spiral and the optional 2nd year of the Healers Spiral.

"We become fully human when we experience Nature as us and ourselves as Nature. We live to the best of our abilities, often at a great pace. Finding a soulful experience, moments of true sanctuary and belonging are not easy. For one day to live as a shaman, brings us home to ourselves and our truth, that we are by our Nature, of Nature. A day well lived."

Upcoming Dates

These Day Workshops are usually held on Sundays.

This Workshop is on hold due to Covid-19. However an online version is available – all details on our Online Courses Page.

10.30am – 5.30pm

Community Space in Smithfield, Dublin City.

No previous formal shamanic training experience is necessary to attend this workshop. It is also open to those who do have experience through other traditions and teachers, who wish to once again come into a Shamanic community and be met by what is unique in the Sli An Chroí approach.

The Dublin based Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism:

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