An Online Introduction to Shamanism

A 3 week Live or self paced online Course

Introduction to the Irish Tradition of Shamanism

This is a precious opportunity for us to sit in sacred Circle with you in a Gathering of like-hearted people. We are truly honoured to be known as two of Ireland’s foremost keepers of this native lineage of indigenous Irish Celtic Shamanism. We are also husband and wife and our life’s calling is the care, celebration and sharing of Ireland’s ancestral tradition of nature-based spirituality, healing and wisdom.  Join this international Circle to experience an Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism. Your place in this unique community awaits. The experience will gift you immediate belonging and lay the foundation for lifelong sustenance. If you have a connection to the Earth, Ireland, empowering mysticism, then hear the call that your Celtic soul yearns for. You are very welcome.

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What You'll get from this

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What We Will Cover

Week 1

The essence of this training returns to connecting to Nature through inspiring Rituals and Ceremonies from Ireland that awaken the inner mystic, inner teacher and inner healer within.

Week 2

Explore perspectives on life and destiny that are as relevant today as their origin in Irish mythology. Partake in Native Irish practices for calm, vision and Mind-Body-Spirit health recovery

Week 3

Experience deep healing with us who hold the Irish Shamanic Rites. Learn to navigate the thresholds between the physical world of nature and the metaphysical Otherworld of Spirit.

What You'll Receive

Recorded Class Videos

This training includes recordings of the classes in between sessions (for one week only) so you may review what we have covered in the live training. This is also in case you are unable to attend all or an aspect of the online classes. However, we highly recommend the live experience and the energies of sitting with your ‘tribe’.

Soulwork Documents

You will receive documents and links after each class to help you enjoy sources for music, dance, spoken and written word. These will bring you connection to Ireland, Irishness and the mysticism of this sacred Isle. We will include optional experiential exercises recommended in between each of the three modules so you can bring the sacred into your home.

Live Zoom Webinars

There  are 3 Live Zoom Webinars (4.00pm-6.00pm Irish Standard Time) with us, both co-directors of Slí An Chroí  (Pathway The Heart) School of Irish Celtic Shamanism.  These Webinar Video Calls are all about your direct, personal experience. The teaching is simple and dogma-free and the tradition is Nature and heart-centred. 


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Reflective Feedback

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"We step into a life that is lived with integrity, so that as we are on the inside, so we are on the outside.

Live or Self-Paced

Live – 4.00-6.00pm Irish Time September 17th, September 24th and October 1st 2022

Self-Paced Course – join anytime


No previous formal shamanic training experience is necessary to attend this workshop. It is also open to those who do have experience through other traditions and teachers, who wish to once again come into a Shamanic community and be met by what is unique in the Slí An Chroí approach facilitated from Ireland by two Irish Shamans.

Benefits of the Course

Ancestral Way

Enter the ancient ways to connect with Nature and Self through unique Irish doorways trod by your Ancestors.

Irish Celtic Soul

Deepen your connection to the sacred land of Ireland and nourish your heart that beats with Celtic soul.

Medicine Spiral

Gain insight of The Medicine Spiral, the path of apprenticeship for the Shaman of the Irish lineage.


Receive practical lasting resources for empowerment, health recovery and authenticity.

Personal Shamanic Practice

Learn about tools for personal shamanic practice that you can use and incorporate in your life easily.


Join an ever-expanding international community that share a Celtic way of knowing.


Wondering what is after the Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism?

Slí An Chroí has a specific starting point and sequence we recommend you approach in our Irish Celtic Shamanic trainings.

We also host events for people who desire to deepen their nature-based path of Celtic spirituality where no experience or training is required.

Online Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism

Book Your Place

You can choose to do the Live Introduction starting on September 17th or choose the Self Paced option to receive recordings of the three tutorials plus relevant documents now to go through it in your own time.

Payment is made via Paypal which may be accessed even if you do not have an account. You may also pay by credit card via Paypal


Sep 17th, Sept 24th and Oct 1st
  • 3 x 2 hour Live tutorials (4.00-6.00pm Irish Time)
  • Recording of 3 tutorials (1 week each only)

Self Paced Class

  • 3 x 2 hour tutorials (recording)
  • Access for 3 weeks

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