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Below, you’ll find a variety of Irish Celtic Shamanism offerings from us on  ranging from on-demand, self-study courses to more interactive, community-based experiences.

Slí An Chroí has a specific starting point and sequence we recommend you approach in our Irish Celtic Shamanic trainings you can read about it here.

Introduction to Shamanism

This popular introduction class is now available as a 8 week online live programme. In it you will learn to enter the ancient Ancestral way to connecting with Nature and Self through unique Irish doorways.

Medicine Spiral

To take the Medicine Spiral Journey is to walk onto an ancient track of reflection, discovery and empowerment. The ‘medicine’ in the spiral refers to all the training gifts that facilitate and empower our emergence into a grounded, self-actualised, connected being of power who has taken the journey of the healer. If your Celtic Soul has a connection to Ireland, Nature, empowering mysticism and has heard the call to step further and deeper into the healing shamanic lineage of Ireland, then this training is for you.

Mastery Spiral

Upon completion of The Medicine Spiral that “now the seeing begins”. This wisdom in combination with combined power of entry into Lineage and carrying a full Mála makes the emerging Shaman ready for advanced healing and mystical practices of The Mastery Spiral.

Exclusively for graduates of Medicine Spiral, The Mastery Spiral offers you the onward growth that takes you from apprentice to master.

Healers Spiral

Whereas the Medicine Spiral builds strong self-practice and the Mastery Spiral offers advanced healing practices for those carrying a full Mála, the Healers Spiral is dedicated to training techniques for the healing of others.

This comprehensive training, which is closely supervised, may be taken to certificate level for professional practice. Also the Healers Spiral may be taken for the intrinsic worth of holding these powerful healing techniques for Self and loved ones.


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