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Wisdom Talks with John and Karen

Join us for a self-paced one hour heart warming session which is an opportunity to experience transpersonal tips and advice for ritual and ceremony. This is a way to deepen your nature based path of Celtic spirituality.

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You can sign up for each class individually for €12.00 or receive the entire Series (10 classes) for €99.oo (a saving of €21.00).

Receive 1 class for €12.00
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Receive access to all 10 monthly sanctuary gatherings from March to December 2022. Themes are listed below and more will be added throughout the year drawing from Honouring Sacred Sites, Sexuality and Spirituality, What are Spirits/Ghosts?, The Power of Plants and Herbs, Connecting with the Faeries, What are Power Animals?, Relationships with Spirit Guides, Healing and Spirituality.

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Psychic Protection

We explore the concept of energetic protection - what it is, why we might need it and do we ever need to increase it? Those of us who are especially sensitive or work in the fields of energy medicine (Reiki/Bio-Energy/Holistic/Shamanic Therapists) may find that we are constantly tired or at a low ebb inadvertently soaking up the heavy energies of others. Protection is simply an energetic version of wearing warmer clothes in Winter.

Power Animals

The term Power Animal is an intriguing one and this interactive session will not only explain what they are but crucially how to connect and foster a relationship with them. Many of us are drawn to a particular type of animal, bird or creature perhaps not knowing why. Some of us may even have had an invisible animal friend as a child and here this begins to take on a whole new meaning - one of support, guidance and often life long soul companionship.

What are Spirits/Ghosts?
How do they become Spirit Guides? Learning to foster a relationship with them.

A very apt theme as we approach Samhain time, known to many in our modern world as Hallowe'en. The concept of ghosts and ghoulies is as old as time itself but do you know what they actually are and where they come from? Do we need to fear or make friends with them and if so how? If you walk the shamanic path then the support and insight of Spirit Guides is invaluable. In this online session, learn how to know those who are benign and malign safely.

Honouring Sacred Sites

You may have visited Irish Sacred Sites, holding awareness and respect for them but perhaps, like many, you have stood at the side of a field or by a stone mound and wondered how to connect in a meaningful way. This Monthly Sanctuary theme is close to our hearts as teachers who dearly love to awaken a deep and profound relationship with those who are called not only with the Site itself but also importantly the land and the unseen guardians who hold the energies.

Connecting with the Faeries

Are you curious about the faerie folk that you sense share our world yet remain unseen. You may have felt their presence and heard their folktales too. Let us come together to learn their origins from the mists of time and most importantly how to connect with them in mutual respect and joy.

Sexuality and Spirituality

You might assume that these two words are incompatible but in the shamanic world they are inextricably linked and a highly important part of a vital holistic life. Find out how our sexuality is hugely enhanced by our spirituality as we consciously bring our awareness to how and when we love ourselves and one another.

Power of Plants and Herbs

Have you ever pondered about the energies of the natural world that surrounds us? We have such powerful allies in the plants and particularly the herbs. You may have heard of plant medicine referring to hallucinogens but those that grow in our gardens and hedgerows are capable of gifting us health benefits that are strong and safe. Let us explore their potency together.

Divination to Prepare for Winter Solstice

As we approach Winter Solstice time, the ancient art of divination comes to the fore. Our Ancestors spent many a long Winter night using these skills to bring to the conscious what lies in the unconscious, to awaken what lies hidden. In this way they would open up to ready the signs and augur the future including where to live, hunt and love. These skills are available to us today in the modern world tapping into our intuitive, esoteric skills that are innate.

Climate Change

While many of us follow a path of nature based spirituality, how do we face up to the devastation of what is happening on our beautiful planet? Can we move beyond any feelings of helplessness or hopelessness and call in the care for and healing of Mother Earth? Together let's dream in an empowering way that sustains and teaches the next generations with power and sovereignty.

Emerging from the Pandemic

At Spring equinox, as the 2 year worldwide Covid-19 restrictions lift as last, how are we feeling? Here we look at the impact of this on not only our physical, mental and emotional health but most importantly our energetic and spiritual well-being. However you viewed that past, let us look to the future and strengthen our guidance, giving gratitude for any silver linings while bringing the solace of nature forward into our everyday lives.

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