Irish Celtic Shamanic Rites

RITES : DEASGHnÁTHA in irish gaelic

The Irish-Celtic Deasghnátha Codes Of Shamanic Initiation

Sourced in personal initiation of our native tradition, anthropological research and initiation into other non-native traditions, we are deeply honoured to bring a progressive, living system of Irish initiatory, shamanic Rites through our teaching cycles at Slí An Chroí. This is a unique aspect to our training, one that retrieves the indigenous heart bequeathed from the energies of the island of Ireland. The Rites (Deasghnátha in Irish-Gaelic) are activations or energetic transmissions that awaken within, seeds of awareness, connection, belonging, power and innate wisdom. 

Natural Awakening

What are the


Through the ages of shamanic lineages, there has always existed cherished, sacred codes for spiritual opening that are transmitted from generation to generation. This is facilitated to keep alive an experience of homecoming for the human to Mother Earth (Danú), Father Sky (Daghda) and to the source of all creation and energy from whom our physical universe emanates, the Great Creator (An Dúileamh).

"These ancient ways were 'remembered' by us, as modern day practitioners, through personal shamanic journeys tapping into the wisdom of the Land of Ireland and her spiritual keepers, extensive research of old texts and study of current indigenous practices worldwide".

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Why receive the Rites

In the Irish tradition, the mythology of the Shaman, speaks of sacred encounters with animals, mountains, archetypal Gods and Goddesses and ancient wisdom keepers who visit the apprentice as they wander both in this world and the Otherworld.

Insights in the form of gifts and new perceptual states occur in these encounters, allowing the emerging Shaman to embrace and indeed, be embraced by the deepest magic and mysteries of life as a spiritual being, in a physical experience on Earth.

Receiving these Rites brings forth from within, emerging enlightenment that illuminates how and why we are created and vitally, how we are to take our place as co-creators of our physical and metaphysical Universe.

What Are Rites / Deasghnátha

The Rites/Deasghnátha do not belong to any person nor organisation. They are revered for coming to us from the most loving archetypal energies (organising principles of energy) present in the trinity of Danú, Daghda and An Dúileamh.

When we take a path of the Shaman, ever seeking to open to our inherent oneness and stewardship with all life, blessings in the form of the Rites come to be offered to us from Spiritual energies active in our natural world.

As facilitators of Slí An Chroí, we take our place as mindful conduits of the Rites, creating the setting and timing their offering throughout the progressive structure of The Medicine Spiral and The Healers Spiral.

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A birthright of all Human Beings

In essence the Rites/Deasghnátha are at the core of what defines a shamanic tradition. They are stepping stones for spiritual growth originating from the landscapes and shamanic mythology of the culture holding that tradition. However, they are not with held from people from other cultures, quite the opposite in fact. The calling of shamanic consciousness is encoded in all humans and many will retrieve this through contact with non-native traditions that resonate deeply with them, illustrating that we as a species have many diverse traditions, that share one source, Great Spirit. To receive the Rites/Deasghnátha is to take your place on an ancient journey. This is contemporised and renewed by you specifically in how you choose to hold them in your daily life.

Many who have received the Rites/Deasghnátha speak of a deep familiarity with what is in this lifetime, a new mind, body, Spirit experience. Scientific research of spiritual emergence documents the positive cellular, biochemical and neuro-linguistic impact arising as a consequence. Shamans hold their tradition’s initiatory experiences as critical activations to bring forth what is truly within the human. The Rites/Deasghnátha available at Slí An Chroí serve the recipient as well as our native tradition, the welfare of Mother Earth and that of our species, simultaneously. To receive such natural awakenings is the birthright of all human beings and here at Slí An Chroí, we are honoured to offer these to you on The Medicine Spiral training or  in Clinic sessions.

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