EARTH HOUR With Slí An Chroí

Earth Hour Meditation Immram Journey

Shamans will say that we humans ‘are Nature’, rather than beings ‘in Nature’, observing from a distance, near or far. Earth Hour with Slí An Chroí (Pathway Of The Heart) invites you to move beyond observance of Earth Hour and into the heart of it, participating, activated, vitalised, pulsing as a dynamic living vibration of the event. As healing shamanic practitioners and teachers, we warmly invite you into an international, inclusive Circle. One that is inspired by Irish ancestral ritual and ceremonial ways that lift all into becoming celebrants and co-creators advancing the vision and consciousness that gave birth to Earth Hour. The cells of that vision and consciousness live within all and in this memorable gathering, it is not something we talk about, but something we become with grace and strong hearts. Among our revered ancestors were the Tuatha Dé Danann (Tribe of Danu/Anu – Tribe of Mother Earth). This gathering restores our belonging and connection, as today’s Tuatha Dé Danann, hand in hand with those who have gone before us, showing us the way into the heart of Earth Hour.

Preparation: To take part in this Immram (shamanic) Journey you will need a stone and a wild, open heart.

Date: 23rd March 2024

Time: 8.30pm Irish time. Check your time zone at as we have not had daylight saving yet.

Location: Online via zoom

This is a complimentary event as part of the Earth Hour initiative. You might like to donate to WWF as way of energetic exchange. You can do so here:

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