WITH DANU, Mother Earth

Listen to the Recording of our Earth Hour Gathering from Saturday 27th March

In a time of great disconnect, uncertainty and climate change, it has never been more important to come together as the Tribe of Mother Earth, the Tuatha Dé Danann, as our ancestors were known in the Celtic Isles. Your invitation is to take your place as an Earth Caretaker, and ask yourself: What does Mother Earth Mean to You? What can YOU do to change the world and truly honour this planet that is our home? 

To answer these questions, you are very welcome to listen to the Recording of our Earth Hour Ceremony with Dr Karen Ward and John Cantwell from Slí An Chroí School of Irish Celtic Shamanism, in partnership with Moon Mná Women’s Circles to hear about Danu, Mother Earth in the Celtic Isles, and on an Immram ‘Wonder Voyage’ Meditation connect with her and crucially ask how we can help. This is an audio recording as the live gathering was by candlelight and very dark so it’s hard to see.


To take part in this Immram Journey you will need a stone and an open heart.

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