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The Irish Tradition of Shamanism

There are profound healing and mystical rewards waiting for us all, held in the ever loving arms of our Ancestors who bring us into the luminous lineage, heritage and tradition of this sacred isle. To take the Medicine Spiral Journey is to walk onto an ancient track of reflection, discovery and empowerment. In apprenticeship, Shamans throughout the ages boldly stood in front of a great mirror that reflected the truth about themselves and the world. The mirror pointed to wounds unhealed and asked the Shaman to heal him/herself. The ‘medicine’ in the spiral refers to all the training gifts that facilitate and empower our emergence into a grounded, self-actualised, connected being of power who has taken the journey of the healer. If your Celtic Soul has a connection to Ireland, Nature, empowering mysticism and has heard the call to step further and deeper into the healing shamanic lineage of Ireland, then this training is for you. A pre-requisite is the Online Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism.

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Power Loss, Recovery and Ownership are vital aspects of core healing in human beings and empowerment positively addresses them all. When personal power is low, given away or stolen we can suffer deep sadness, lethargy, fatigue, low self-worth, loss of motivation, depression, victimhood, reduced presence in the world, speak with a weakened voice, lack sovereignty and more. People with a strong healing energy at some point in their life can suffer ‘the healer’s disease’, essentially symptoms of Power Loss. 

The profound self-healing journey of the Medicine Spiral helps us identify Power Loss and more importantly retrieve and integrate the sources of original Power, restoring substantial health. This vital empowerment takes the shamanic practitioner beyond recovery and into full confident realisation of potential and presence, building along the way ethical and non-egoic principles of personal Power. This is often referred to as the Power to hold Power and is a key resource on the road to sovereignty.

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Unique to the Slí An Chroí Medicine Spiral

Grow Your Mála Naofa (Medicine Bundle)

A Map of your outerworld

Slí An Chroí honours the Irish-Celtic tradition of the ‘Crane bag’, the medicine bundle carried by the Shaman. Referred to as the ‘Mála naofa’ (Mawl-ah Neigh-fa), practitioners on the Medicine Spiral throughout the four directions of training assemble this truly epic, personal altar of orientation and power.

Based on ‘Lia Naofa’ (Lee-ah Neigh-fa) sacred stones and other significant items, the Mála Naofa develops as a way to dialogue with and map, the journey of your own Heart/Soul/Spirit. It also becomes a map of the outerworld we live in. The Mála Naofa is an extraordinary instrument for problem-solving and identifying and enacting positive change in ourselves personally and the world we live in.

Receive Deasghnátha - Rites Of Initiation

Awaken seeds of consciousness

The bedrock of this Shamanic practitioner training are the ‘Deasghnátha’, the ancient ‘Rites Of Initiation’. These are energetic transmissions that awaken seeds of consciousness within us and have been passed from healer to healer for thousands of years. Receiving these Rites brings forth from within, emerging enlightenment that illuminates how and why we are created and vitally, how we are to take our place as co-creators of our physical and metaphysical Universe.

The holding and passing on of these Rites is deeply sacred and to receive them is to be embraced by the celebration of humanity, Spirit and the vision of potential, intrinsic to the Irish-Celtic lineage, passed on during the Medicine Spiral.

What We Will Cover


Orientating ourselves by the North Star, we begin our clockwise or deosal journey on the Medicine Spiral by looking North. Synonymous with the season of Winter and the oldest archetypical energy of An Breadán- The Salmon, our work in this direction plants the seeds of our becoming. We connect to our Ancestors, accepting their support as we begin to walk our path in the knowledge we ourselves will be the Ancestors in time to come.


Looking to the horizon of the Rising Sun, we continue our sunwise (deosal) journey on the Medicine Spiral by looking East. Synonymous with the energy of the season of Spring and the archetypical energies of the Eagle, the Otter especially Goddess Brigid, our work in this direction allows the germinating ‘seeds of our becoming’ planted in the North, to open the ways to more powerful living. Once again, we connect strongly to our Ancestors, accepting their support as we explore the way to live beyond Fear.


The South direction is a deep crucible of new learning, transformation and alchemy. We are asked to grow our conceptualisation of Healing itself. To live life directly from our true, eternal Spirit nature. We are asked to take robust responsibility and accountability for all our learning on our Spirit path.


As we face the West, the sun sets on our first circumference of the Medicine Spiral. To our ancient fore-fathers and mothers, dusk marked the beginning of a new day, thus we complete our journey at the beginning of a new, deeper one, i.e. we pass within.

When to Begin My Medicine Spiral?

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What You Will Receive

Recorded Class Videos

This training includes recordings of all classes, so you may recap and review the live Gathering. This is also a perfect option if you are unable to attend any of the classes live.

Course Material Documents

The Course of this sacred Isle mysticism includes receiving detailed documents of each sectional Theme. As this is an experiential path, there will be exercises known as ‘Soulwork’ for you to do between the modules. It is important to complete these to continue to the next Direction. We are very happy to assist you in this endeavour.

Live Zoom Classes

These Zoom Video Calls gift you the opportunity to see and interact with your Tuatha (Too-ha Gaelic for Tribe) at the designated times with us, co-directors of the Slí An Chroí School. As two of Ireland’s foremost keepers of this native lineage of indigenous Irish Celtic Shamanism whose life calling is the care, celebration and sharing of Ireland’s ancestral tradition of nature-based spirituality, healing and wisdom, we will do our very best to answer any queries you may have each session.


Throughout the Shamanic training there is continuous coaching and guidance for self practice so between Directions you will have ‘Soulwork’ to go deeper into the resources that are available to you from each Direction.

Cainteoirí Ó Chroí Private Facebook Page

Following on from our Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism private Talking Stick Facebook page, we are delighted to continue this unique forum for everyone to interact between Directions fostering a warm and inclusive community spirit.

"Shamanism is not a faith, but a wisdom tradition. It is not a religion and it is dogma-free; indeed it supports any existing spiritual practice one already has. Many of us deeply desire a connection to our own ‘soulfulness’ and that of all other living beings in a free and natural way. This is the essence of Shamanism."

Commences Samhain 2024

Booking Now Open

North Direction (Samhain-Winter) 2024

Saturday, November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd

[4 Tutorials, 11.00am – 2.00pm and 4.00pm – 7.00pm, each day]

East (Imbolg-Spring) 2025

Saturday, February 8th & Sunday February 9th

[4 Tutorials, 11.00am – 2.00pm and 4.00pm – 7.00pm, each day]

South (Bealtaine-Summer) 2025

Saturday, May 10th & Sunday May 11th

[4 Tutorials, 11.00am – 2.00pm and 4.00pm – 7.00pm, each day]

West (Lughnasadh-Autumn) 2025

Saturday, August 9th & Sunday August 10th

[4 Tutorials, 11.00am – 2.00pm and 4.00pm – 7.00pm, each day]

All times are Irish UTC time zone. You can check you time zone here

You will receive your Zoom link prior to each Direction with preparatory information. Course material documents  are available on a private website platform.

The Slí An Chroí Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism is necessary to attend the Medicine Spiral training. It is also open to those who do have experience of other traditions and teachers, who wish to once again come into a Shamanic community and be met by what is unique in the Slí An Chroí approach. 

Benefits of the Medicine Spiral

Power Animals

Manifestations of power gifted to us by Spirit, we first encounter Power Animals in the mystical state of an Immrama. We learn 'to walk in the world' in relationship with our Power Animals knowing them as a strong, protective resources, particularly in times of challenge.

Immrama / Journeying

The ancient Irish Gaelic word 'Immrama' literally means 'Wonder voyages' and refers to techniques of going beyond the ordinary and venturing into mystical states of awareness. In these realms we have the opportunity to harvest previously unknown power and wisdom and integrate these in our daily lives.

Archetypes and Mythology

In each of the four directions, there lies the powerful presence of Archetypes. They prompt reflection and ask us to heal ourselves in different ways, while at the same time offering themselves to us as sources of strength and inspiration. Myth is understood to be the language of the soul and these stories, most of which cannot be dated, offer us trackways and supervision as we take our personal, Spiritual journeys.

Working with your Cauldron

The Cauldron is the great vessel of transformation in the Irish and Celtic traditions. We learn to work with this side by side with the Mála Naofa, particularly connecting with the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Personal Healing

The primary offering of the Medicine Spiral is the retrieval of greater and greater wholeness. The Irish-Gaelic word for healing is 'leigheas', a word also used to express 'retrieval'. In our first language, to heal is to retrieve and often the Medicine Spiral is poetically referred to as the spiral of remembering and belonging.

Self Practice

Throughout the Shamanic training there is continuous coaching and guidance for Self Practice. Indeed the training does not end on the last day of each of the four weekends, it is a part of the Medicine Spiral to step into self practice in the intervening weeks. Whether one continues training with Slí An Chroí by taking the Healers Spiral, or not, you will have a robust self practice established to allow you to be continually nourished by the Shamanic path.


Thank you both so much for facilitating what has been a really magical and transformative year for me. It's been a really wonderful journey and has helped open me up to the world of spirit and shamanism, which is a great gift.
The combination of the love, ancient lore and language that John and Karen shared gave their teachings a depth and accessibility that I treasure. They are two deeply compassionate, wise and gifted shaman and I absolutely recommend their trainings.
Andrew Griffin

The Online Slí An Chroí Medicine Spiral

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