The Online Mastery Spiral

A Live online Course

Advanced Healing & Mystical Practices

It is said upon completion of  the Medicine Spiral that “now the seeing begins”. This wisdom rises from an ever deepening embrace into the Irish Lineage while carrying a full Mála Naofa,  making the emerging Shaman ready for the progressive advanced healing and mystical practices of The Mastery Spiral.

Exclusively for graduates of The Medicine Spiral and invitation only, a path of enriching and expanding shamanic practice awaits and as is tradition, begins with the North Direction at Samhain. By completing The Medicine Spiral you will have travelled substantially as ‘a wounded healer’ and become a living light in the Irish lineage of the Shaman. The Mastery Spiral offers you onward growth taking you from strong apprentice to elegant master. A path reserved for the few, not the many.

The Mastery Spiral will bring you

Unique Deasghnátha - Rites only transmitted in the Mastery Spiral

Discovering advanced healing dimensions of the full Mála Naofa.

Growing autonomous navigation of the North, East, South, West healing and mystical landscapes of the Medicine Spiral

Specific training for advanced energetic tracking, seeing and perception

Meeting Divination practices that are only possible with your full Mála Naofa

Growing further awareness of archetypal energies and learning the Shaman’s skilled negotiation with archetypes

New techniques to balance energies of home, workplace and more

Building advanced practices for integration of shadow energies and increasing personal self-mastery and power

Encountering progressive techniques for natural (energetic) protection

(Optional) The Healers Spiral Energy Medicine Training module. This module is taken to certification level and has North, East, South and West Directions

(Optional) Receiving Energy Medicine as case study 'client' for peers taking the Healers Spiral Energy Medicine training. There is no cost to receive this transformative healing experience

Key Aspects of the Mastery Spiral

Deasghnátha-Rites Of Initiation

Receive Deasghnátha An Dúileamh in each of the four directions. Only transmitted to those holding An Lia Líne Ghinealaigh (Lineage Stone) having completed The Medicine Spiral, the rites Deasghnátha An Dúileamh translate as ‘Rites of the Great Creator’. All previous Rites received as part of your Medicine Spiral are the necessary foundation for Deasghnátha An Dúileamh. These Rites are ultimately beyond description bringing the shaman simultaneously deep into the centre and to the outer circles of energy that are seen in the eternal spiral of the Soul’s path. It has been said Deasghnátha An Dúileamh bring us into the spiral of the Great Creator.

Full Mála Naofa Community

We know the warmth and support that comes from being in the Tuatha of a Medicine Spiral and naturally that continues in the Mastery Spiral. A significant new field of togetherness and interaction opens when all in the circle are holders of a full, completed Mála Naofa. The power of the group expands exponentially and the healing and mystical adventures deepen accompanied by grounded sharing from peers of ever-advancing skill. Shamanic friendships are ones of deepest integrity and trust and in the Mastery Spiral such bonds are given respect and nourishment. Indeed, substantial teaching flows from the sharing during and between Tutorials.There are numerous collective ceremonies and rituals that can only be undertaken by a Tuatha of full Mála Naofa. They bring an experience of lineage that is precious and they begin in the Mastery Spiral.

Receive Energy Medicine

Participation in the Mastery Spiral brings the opportunity to receive the Energy Medicine of Imbas, Extractions and Soul Retrieval. You are welcome to come forward as a case study 'client' for members of the Tuatha who are choosing to train in these Energy Medicine techniques, as part of their Healers Spiral. Under guidance and supervision of Karen, not only will you be providing valuable practice opportunity, you will benefit personally from the deep and lasting rewards of shamanic Energy Medicine. You may volunteer to be a case study during the Mastery Spiral - John will tell you when, and that section will be in the Spring of 2024.

Energy Medicine Training (Optional)

A significant option in the Mastery Spiral is to take the extra Healers Spiral training. The spectrum of Energy Medicine training covers Imbas (Divine Illumination, healing with Light), Extractions (removal of unhealthy energies), Soul Retrieval (returning lost essence of Soul energy, a consequence of wounds, trauma, etc.) and Psychopomp work (Energy Medicine for for souls in the Otherworld, no longer in the physical world)). For those choosing this extra option within the Mastery Spiral, full certification is awarded following the live practice Tutorials with supervision from Karen and her team. You will need to be able to participate live in the initial two weekend Tutorials of the Healers Spiral Energy Medicine training, due to the sacredness of the subject matter. Please note carefully the dates and times of the Tutorials detailed below.

Advanced Practices

Discover the extraordinary power of the Mála Naofa, come into the rare knowledge where your medicine bundle opens divination, insightful new power for personal and world healing,  activations of potential and harmonious alignment of Self in the Universe and much, much more.

Working with Your Mála Naofa

Advance your awareness, techniques and mastery in holding your Mála Naofa following the initial build through The Medicine Spiral.

As a sacred resource to map and navigate your life, the tradition of the Mála Naofa is ancient and unparalleled. Providing us with an interactive altar for our personal lives and the world, it becomes a gravitational force for personal ritual, problem solving and co-creating. Truly the word Magic is fitting for the new dimensions of revelation experienced by working with a complete Mála Naofa.

The Shaman Divines

Important in the word Divination is the root word, Divine. The full Mála Naofa is made literal by the Shaman, inspired by an ancient mythology that can be spoken of as Divine, due to the evident power of the sacred healing bundle. 

It is said “the Mála is always one step ahead of the Shaman” and that when the practitioner intentionally goes to their bundle, there is always signposts, guidance and answers to the Shaman’s questions. A joy of The Mastery Spiral is to hand this knowledge over making it a lifelong resource of foresight and for calling in what is already known in the Divine realm.

Archetypal Energies

In some ancient cultures, a shamanic apprenticeship included training in learning to identify the power of Archetypal energies at work in the world. Archetypes are organising principles and often referred to as the gods and goddesses of the universe. They can be ignored, but their presence and impact cannot fade. Those in society who can identify Archetypal energies organising behaviour are very empowered by virtue of seeing. Those who are able to negotiate with Archetypes truly understand what is moving the world and have the tools to initiate change at the deepest level.

Living A Protected Life

A valuable opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the nature of energies that paralyse our power, impede  our potential and corrupt an authentic expression of our truth. This additional training allows you greater awareness of the Energy Protection experienced in The Medicine Spiral.   

It is said the Healing Shaman ‘lives beyond karma’ and The Mastery Spiral offers an opening into this way of being. As the alignment of luminous power and ethical protection weave together, a life of chosen destiny can flow ever free.

Ceremonialist & Ritualist

Onward from the Introduction to Irish Celtic Shamanism and The Medicine Spiral, The Mastery Spiral draws the practitioner forward as a ceremonialist and ritualist. The ground has been prepared for the full Mála Naofa carrier to grow in understanding and command of setting the sacred space and wisely bringing connection to healing energies for self and others, through ceremonies and rituals. The Shaman lives fully in the ordinary world and in the world of Spirit.

Earth Healing & Clearing

The Mastery Spiral brings learning of safe techniques to harmonise and unblock static energies, particularly in homes and workplaces. The Shaman’s homestead is an immensely important heart for personal medicine. Having regard for those spaces where we live our lives most such as homes and workplaces, we can interact with these spaces energetially, bringing them into a healthier matrix for safe living and potent shamanic practice. 

(Optional) Healers Spiral Energy Medicine Training

The Healers Spiral Energy Medicine Training module include: Imbas (Divine Illumination), Extractions (Releasing unhealthy/harmful energies), Soul Retrieval (Returning lost power and Soul parts),  Psychopomp (Energy Medicine for the Deceased).

This module is taken to certification level and it is recommended, but not compulsory, to have previous therapeutic experience.

Imbas Forosnai or Divine Inspiration - Illumination

Many shamanic traditions share a system for illuminating the energy field of the client, literally a system for creating enlightenment within the person. Our Irish tradition refers to this as ‘Imbas Forosnai’, literally ‘Divine Inspiration’.

The Slí An Chroí training emanates from our heritage of knowing ‘the doors of energy’ of the human natural energy field and by bringing Light through Imbas into these doors. It also incorporates teachings and awareness from the Eastern traditions that understand these ‘doors of energy as ‘chakras’. 

When a client presents their issue, certain chakras are activated and this is where the Shamanic Therapist’s work begins. Firstly to clear any dense, heavy energetic residues (referred to as ‘trom’). These may be the energetic traces of the emotional or psychological or physical ailment presented by the client and are removed by energetic Extraction work (see adjacent panel). Then to bring balance, we invite Divine Light into their energy field gloriously allowing for harmony in their holistic system.

Advanced Clearing Work - both 'solid' and energetic Extractions

Through the ‘doors’ (chakras) of the human energy field enter a myriad of positive energies and the majority of these bring  sustenance from our relationships to loved ones, social communities, animals and the natural environment. However from these sources energies that are regarded as ‘trom’ i.e. heavy and toxic can also enter. Many are due to unresolved ‘wounds’ in those who were/are our caretakers and other individuals who were/are in a significant relationship with us.

Indeed, the increasing pollution of our natural environment, along with increasing numbers of electro-magnetic fields, (internal/external electrical systems, microwave-based technology, etc.) as well as geopathically and psychically stressed landspaces all contribute to “trom” build up. Obviously, if we suffered any form of violation or abuse (even ‘mild’ forms) on the energetic level, ‘trom’ that may be extremely dense in nature has been placed in our LEM by the perpetrator/s. When the density of ‘trom’ is acute, we refer to that energy as an ‘Intrusion’ as it conspires to bring about ill-health across the mind-body-Spirit spectrum of the person.

Soul Retrieval

‘Soul Loss’ is a naturally occurring short term, survival mechanism in human beings. On the occasions when we undergo severe fright or shock, literally a fragment of our essence, our lifeforce or Soul splits away from our greater Soul (Spirit) body. By doing so, a diminished Self continues living/surviving after the trauma. The part of our Soul that holds the energy and greatest consciousness of the pain of the trauma separates from us, like the discarded fuel cell of a rising rocket. If this did not happen, the presence of the most wounded Soul Part within the greater Soul Body would bring to bear full consciousness of the pain arising from the trauma and we would suffer a devastating breakdown and our survival would be in question.

Psychopomp Work

One of the ancient meanings of the word Shaman is ‘one who has died many times’, a testimony to the exploration of death that is part of all shamanic cultures worldwide. An outcome of this practice is insight into Death. 

Accordingly, the healing Shaman is ideally placed to assist our clients to offer solace and comfort to the  souls of those who have left their physical bodies and may not be ‘at peace’. Working from the understanding of the spiritual journey throughout the advent of death, and the period after, the healing shamanic therapist can assist the loved ones of those who have died beyond their fears and confusions.

The Mastery Spiral - What You Will Receive

Recorded Class Videos

The Mastery Spiral training includes recordings of all Tutorials in between the chosen weekends of the live North, East, South and West directions. This allows you recap and review the live Tutorials and also serves those who require a self-paced schedule. It also brings support  if you are disappointed by being unable to attend any of the Tutorials live.

Please note that you need to participate live in all the Healer Spiral Tutorials, if you choose that option.

Course Resources & Soulwork

Just as in previous training, you will receive access or personal copies of significant resources utilised in the Tutorials. There will be others too that will be explained and referenced in the Soulwork documents which will be available on the website.

Live Zoom Classes

As you will be familiar from the Medicine Spiral, the live presentation of Tutorials can be the preferred learning and community experience for many practitioners. John will be the primary facilitator of the Zoom-based Tutorials of the Mastery Spiral and Karen for the Healers Spiral Energy Medicine Module. 


It is always the four seasons that are the container of time and space for each of the four directions of the Spiral. As in the Medicine Spiral, you will receive Soulwork following every Tutorial of the Mastery Spiral that lays out healing and mystical practices paving the 3 month experience of each direction.

(Optional) Healers Spiral Energy Medicine Training

The Healers Spiral Energy Medicine Training module will teach you to offer Imbas (Divine Illumination), Extractions (Releasing unhealthy/harmful energies), Soul Retrieval (Returning lost power and Soul parts), Psychopomp (Energy Medicine for the Deceased). This module is taken to Certification level and it is recommended, but not compulsory, to have previous experience as a therapist which may be Counelling, Reiki, Bio-Energy, Yoga, Massage or similar.

(Optional) Receive Energy Medicine

You may wish to sign up to receive healing Energy Medicine as a case study ‘client’ for your Mastery Spiral peers who are doing the Healers Spiral Energy Medicine training and need to offe the specic practices to others as part of certification.

Cainteoirí Ó Chroí Private Facebook Page

The private ‘Speakers from the Heart’ facebook page continues as the unique forum for everyone to interact throughout the Mastery Spiral, fostering co-inspiration, warm and inclusive community. The Tuatha of the Mastery Spiral may also decide autonomously to create a Whatsapp group for communications exclusive to the Tuatha.

"Shamanism is not a faith, but a wisdom tradition. It is not a religion and it is dogma-free; indeed it supports any existing spiritual practice one already has. Many of us deeply desire a connection to our own ‘soulfulness’ and that of all other living beings in a free and natural way. This is the essence of Shamanism."

2023-2024 Mastery Spiral

Booking Now Open

North Dates 

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November 2023

[4 Tutorials, 11.00am – 2.00pm and 4.00pm – 7.00pm, each day]

East Dates 

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February 2024

[4 Tutorials, 11.00am – 2.00pm and 4.00pm – 7.00pm, each day] 

South Dates 

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2024

[4 Tutorials, 11.00am – 2.00pm and 4.00pm – 7.00pm, each day]

West Dates 

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August 2024

[4 Tutorials, 11.00am – 2.00pm and 4.00pm – 7.00pm, each day]

You can check your time zone here.

Special Final Tutorial 

TBC for late October or early November 2024

(North) Weekend One: 

Saturday January 20th & Sunday January 21st 2024

4 Tutorials: 11am – 2pm & 4pm – 7pm, both days

 (North) Weekend Two:

Saturday January 27th & Sunday January 28th 2024

4 Tutorials: 11am – 2pm & 4pm – 7pm, both days

Due to the sacredness of the training, you will need to participate live in the 8 Tutorials of the two weekends above. Recordings will be available as support. 

(East) One Day: Sunday February 18th 2024

Tutorial, 4pm – 7pm

(South) One Day: Sunday May 19th 2024

Tutorial, 4pm – 7pm

(West) One Day: Sunday August 18th 2024

Tutorial, 4pm – 7pm

You can check you time zone here

The Live Online Tutorials for all Directions will take place using Zoom. The recurring link required for access to all Tutorials of all Directions will be the same and shared with you in your Preparation Pack, emailed in advance of the North Direction weekend and available on the website platform. Vimeo will be the platform for all edited recordings of Tutorials.

Full completion of the Slí An Chroí Medicine Spiral is necessary to participate in the Mastery Spiral training. 

The Online Mastery Spiral

Book Your Place

The Mastery Spiral enrolment is now open. The Course starts on 11th & 12th November 2023.

There are 2 options to choose from:

Mastery Spiral without optional Healers Spiral Energy Medicine module


Mastery Spiral with optional Healers Spiral Energy Medicine module (full Certification).

Mastery Spiral


Optional Healers Spiral Energy Medicine Module


Mastery Spiral


The Healers Spiral Energy Medicine Module




Most frequent questions and answers

Whether you participate live or not, you will receive a recording of each of the 16 Mastery Spiral Tutorials. This will ensure the ability to pursue a self-paced schedule, if you cannot participate live. Also you may combine a mixture of live participation and later access to the recorded Tutorials. Note that if you choose to take the optional Healers Spiral Energy Medicine module, you need to participate live in the 8 Tutorials of the first two weekends in January 2024.

There is very important training and development in the Mastery Spiral that prepares and feeds the optional Healers Spiral Energy Medicine module.  Therefore for this reason, we advocate that if the optional Healers Spiral calls to you, then the entire Mastery Spiral must also be for you. Please remember that not all of us who follow this nature based path of spirituality are called to be of service to others as Shamanic Therapists.

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