Spring Equinox- Celtic Festival Ceremony (Vlog)

Vernal or Spring Equinox will be communally celebrated on March 21st. Our Ancestors who were astute astronomers knew precisely the moment of equal daylight and darkness, the Equinox peak moment of balance. An Cónocht (Equinox in Irish-Gaelic) is a special cosmic event that we do well to celebrate consciously. 

The shaman within will observe this magnificent natural synchronicity that will bring deep renewal at this the festival of balance. The daylight of Spring is growing now and achieving equality with the declining hours of darkness. How we individually and collectively pause to come into alignment with the balance of Mother Earth and Father Sun is important.

All health is based on balance and we are hardwired to live in synchronicity with the natural energies of our world. Of course, we so often neglect our attunement with Nature’s cycles as we live speedily, trying to meet the multiple demands of contemporary life. Understandably it takes effort to make space for personal and collective ceremony but for the sake of our holistic health, now is the crucial time.

Imbolg is, at this time, six weeks behind us and the gestation of Spring is passing through a passage of balanced light and dark. We are asked now to reflect on the critical balances in our lives: work and rest, activity and stillness, community and solitude, stress and relaxation, nutrition and exercise, sleep and wakefulness, creativity and dormancy, living from masculine and feminine energies, giving and receiving. Perhaps awareness of our self in shadow and self in light. An Cónocht does not ask us to instantly and unrealistically rectify imbalances, but to breathe slowly, pause, acknowledge them and begin a committed response towards new balance. Achieving balance is an ever ongoing process that requires occasional ‘time outs’ for review, gaining of new perspective and making actions that nudge us into greater harmony. For the shamanic practitioner, the divinity of self is one and the same as the divinity of our natural world.

When the natural world turns towards a perfect moment of harmony, it is a supreme call to pitch ourselves into oneness with it. It is our Nature to do so. May your Equinox be memorable for the sacred recalibration calling out to you.

Please enjoy our community ceremony in the video below. 

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