The Healers Spiral

Shamanic Energy Medicine Therapy Training

The Healers Spiral is an optional continuation from the Medicine Spiral. Whereas the first Spiral builds strong self-practice, the Healers Spiral is dedicated to training techniques for the healing of others. This comprehensive training, which is closely supervised, may be taken to certificate level for professional practice. Also the Healers Spiral may be taken for the intrinsic worth of holding these powerful healing techniques for Self and loved ones.

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What You Will Learn and Experience

The Shamanic Energy Medicine therapist is a tracker of pure energy and myth. Observing the presenting symptoms (whether physical, psycho-emotional, Spiritual) as offered by the client, the practitioner is ;seeing’ the root of the ailment in the form of pure energy. This may suggest ‘a clearing’ (i.e. removal) of energy that is ‘toxic’ and a restoration of a superior energy balance within the client’s energy field. The shamanic therapist may also identify that the presenting symptoms are caused by a prior loss of energy and the remedial course is to return this ‘lost’ energy to the client’s energy field. In conjunction with providing interventions to restore energetic balance, the therapist offers the client shamanic counsel towards awareness of how these ‘energetic events’ can be understood on the level of the heart and soul.

This allows the person to see their healing experience as a significant, sacred step on their personal mythic journey to wholeness and to live more a life that truly honours the lifeforce within them. The healing shamanic Energy Medicine therapist assists the client to realise the positive health achieved on the energetic-spiritual level into the physical, psychological and emotional levels. Thus the shamanic therapist views the health of the individual holistically and is deeply attuned to the interweaving of their energy field into all aspects of well-being. If a person does not address ‘toxic’ energies present or significant ‘losses’ of energy, in time these conditions can lead to chronic and acute symptoms that present as serious illness and disease. The Healers Spiral teaches you how to address these safely in clinical practise.

Weekend 1

North: 'Imbas Forosnai' or Divine Inspiration-Illumination

Many shamanic traditions share a system for illuminating the energy field of the client, literally a system for creating enlightenment within the person. Our Irish tradition refers to this as ‘Imbas Forosnai’, literally ‘Divine Inspiration’.

The Slí An Chroí training emanates from our heritage of knowing ‘the doors of energy’ of the human natural energy field and by bringing Light through Imbas into these doors. It also incorporates teachings and awareness from the Eastern traditions that understand these ‘doors of energy as ‘chakras’. When a client presents their issue, certain chakras are activated and it is with these the therapists works. Dense, heavy energetic residues (referred to as ‘trom’) which are the energetic traces of the emotional or psychological or physical ailment presented by the client are removed.

There is now ‘room’ for the chakras to receive Imbas (illumination) and there follows the ritual as the therapist helps place superior, lighter energy into the affected chakra(s). ‘Trom’ is removed and with them the client’s affinities to the original ‘wounding’ that originally informed the presence of this toxicity. The energy field is restored to a more optimum level of function, leading to superior emotional, psychological and physical responses of the client to their issue.

There are many, many benefits of Imbas. Outstanding among them are consciousness expansions, overcoming unwanted repetitive behaviour or belief patterns, shedding adult legacies from negative birth and childhood experiences. Imbas becomes almost a ‘default’ practice in Energy Medicine, so powerful is it as a shamanic tool.

Weekend 2

East: Extractions

Through the ‘doors’ (chakras) of the human energy field enter a myriad of positive energies and the majority of these bring  sustenance from our relationships to loved ones, social communities, animals and the natural environment. However from these sources energies that are regarded as ‘trom’ i.e. heavy and toxic can also enter. Many are due to unresolved ‘wounds’ in those who were/are our caretakers and other individuals who were/are in a significant relationship with us.

Indeed, the increasing pollution of our natural environment, along with increasing numbers of electro-magnetic fields, (internal/external electrical systems, microwave-based technology, etc.) as well as geopathically and psychically stressed landspaces all contribute to “trom” build up. Obviously, if we suffered any form of violation or abuse (even ‘mild’ forms) on the energetic level, ‘trom’ that may be extremely dense in nature has been placed in our LEM by the perpetrator/s. When the density of ‘trom’ is acute, we refer to that energy as an ‘Intrusion’ as it conspires to bring about ill-health across the mind-body-Spirit spectrum of the person.

The healing shamanic therapist has the ability to work with the client to identify the sources of Intrusions and to offer an appropriate technique for their ‘Extraction’. When some people are introduced to the phenomenon of Intrusions and Extractions, there is often an understandable response of fear and anxiety. This is not the response of the healing Shaman, who calmly and safely brings about release and comfort from what is essentially a consequence of being alive.

Furthermore the training brings the ability to ensure the client is no longer susceptible to a similar form of Intrusion in the future. In this way, the person lives with greater ‘psychic protection’ following an Extraction and is assisted to emerge free of damaging negative patterns and limiting beliefs that were conspired by the departed Intrusion. Fear, guilt and shame have no place in the field of Intrusions/Extractions for the healing shaman, who works on behalf of the client with power, compassion and non-judgement – qualities also encouraged in the outlook of the client.

Weekend 3

South: Soul Retrieval

‘Soul Loss’ is a naturally occurring short term, survival mechanism in human beings. On the occasions when we undergo severe fright or shock, literally a fragment of our essence, our lifeforce or Soul splits away from our greater Soul (Spirit) body. By doing so, a diminished Self continues living/surviving after the trauma. The part of our Soul that holds the energy and greatest consciousness of the pain of the trauma separates from us, like the discarded fuel cell of a rising rocket. If this did not happen, the presence of the most wounded Soul Part within the greater Soul Body would bring to bear full consciousness of the pain arising from the trauma and we would suffer a devastating breakdown and our survival would be in question.

While Soul Loss is a survival mechanism, if left unhealed in the longterm of our lives, it brings about a myriad of negative consequences. Because we are living from a less than complete lifeforce, our sense of Self is limited and our capacities for fully expressing that Self are also sabotaged. We suffer from reduced resources to deal with the challenges of everyday living and the person often becomes prematurely depleted physically and psycho-emotionally which stems from the original depletion on the energetic level, i.e. the Soul Loss. The outstanding symptom in an individual with Soul Loss is lack of safety and security. Not only is there a deficiency in security within the Self, but the person lives in an ‘unsafe world’.

Soul Retrieval is perhaps one of the greatest and most powerful healing rituals that only a healing shamanic practitioner can bring to a fellow human being. In essence, the healing shaman ‘journeys’ on behalf of the client into a non-ordinary state of consciousness to locate and invite the lost Soul Part to return to the client. This unique ability to vision and track so as to return with a lost Soul Part and present it to the client to ‘bring it home’, i.e. to integrate it into their greater Soul body yields enormous restoration of health and power. A fragmented lifeforce is brought closer to wholeness.


Weekend 4

West: Death Rites – Healing for the Dying

One of the ancient meanings of the word ‘Shaman’ is ‘one who has died many times’, a testimony to the exploration of death that is part of all shamanic cultures worldwide. An outcome of this practice is insight into the dying process, wrought from personal experience.

Accordingly, the healing shaman is ideally placed to be a figure of comfort, compassion and guidance to those who are dying and to the Souls (Spirits) of those who have left their physical bodies. Working from the understanding of the spiritual journey throughout the advent of death, the actual point of clinical death and the period after, the healing shamanic practitioner can assist the dying person through and beyond their fears and confusions.

The healing shaman creates a sacred space for a loved one to make their final journey with as much serenity and consciousness as possible. Those who are aware of their impending death go through a process of review with a yearning to bring peace and harmonious resolution to relationships that still hold the need to express love and forgiveness. Through gentle counselling and Energy Medicine, (Imbas, Extraction and Soul Retrieval), the practitioner can be a formidable trustworthy and compassionate resource for the dying person, helping them find their ease towards a yearned for ‘sweet passing’. Beyond this, the practitioner can provide an oasis of calm for the family and friends attending to the dying person.

The Death Rites are a final ‘Rite of Passage’ and as offered in Slí An Chroí training, they cover both phases of death, before and after the final breath. They are taught on the last direction of the Healers Medicine Spiral, the West.

In the poignant time after the last breath, the healing shamanic practitioner holds the technical ability to assist the LEM of the dying person depart the physical body, thereby helping the Soul cross a crucial threshold in its journey to the realm of Infinity. In the cases of a fearful death or one undertaken with unresolved issues, the Soul of the departed is often unable to “disconnect” to an optimum level, thus impacting on their onward journey. The evidence of this is frequently witnessed in the nature of grieving in the survivors, which exhibit an inability to let their loved one “move on”.

The Irish tradition holds that our Soul journeys through distinct realms of the Otherworld having left our physical bodies. Many people are familiar with this concept as understood by other traditions, such as the Eastern (Buddhist), in which the Soul must navigate the Bardo planes. At these stages of the Spiritual journey of the dead, the healing shamanic practitioner can provide positive, healing intervention. Referred to as “Psychopomp” work, the healing shaman through journeying and interaction with the now altered LEM of the dead person’s Soul, can offer progressive transition to the Soul’s onward flight in the Otherworld, i.e. upwards through the Bardo places.

Once again, the impact of this can be seen in survivors as their bereavement process shifts towards greater acceptance and calmness in relation to the Spiritual welfare of their departed family member or friend. Psychopomp work can be of tremendous healing benefit in the cases of sudden or traumatic death in which there was insufficient time for the dead person to prepare for their passing. In some of these cases the Soul of the dead person may not have come to terms with its new reality, be unable to “move on” and remains Earth-bound. The healing shaman has the safe, sacred and compassionate skills to ease the confusion or fearfulness of this Spirit, so that it may find its release more and move into Infinity.

"Whether we are healer or healed, we share in this moment of energetic transformation an acknowledgement that our eternal nature is as a Spirit being and it is within this realm that authentic healing takes place. The way of the Shamanic healer invites us to be in service of the wounded heart, restoring its integrity and beauty and its full yearning for magnificence."

John Cantwell

Personal Growth

Deepen your own innate medicine

The Healers Spiral is also well worth doing purely for your own growth and transformation, as you will receive considerable energy medicine healing throughout the 4 directions. For many, it is an opportunity to practice healing for others (solely confined to the training times) brings our appreciation of Shamanism to a new level.

Our Mála Naofa (Mawl-ah Neigh-fa) sacred bundles and Cauldron develop into healing tools that are even more prized when they are used for the benefit of others. This changes the way we ‘carry’ them in our lives as ones who walk this path of sacred service. While the Healers Spiral is focused on imparting training in Energy Medicine and Shamanic Counselling, it is also a ‘Medicine Spiral’ in its own right. It offers a second deeper spiral through the four directions. This will push you further into the territories already explored in the North, East, South and West Directions of the first Medicine Spiral to work with confidence and safety as a Shamanic Therapist.

Energetic Roots

energetic-spiritual healing

The healing Shaman believes that all our ailments, physical, psychological or emotional have an energetic-spiritual root. It is on this subtle level of our being that the healing Shaman intervenes. These treatments bring a ‘clearing’ or a ‘replenishment’ which leads to superior health  emotionally, psychologically and physically.

The Healers Spiral trains the practitioner to identify ‘the energetic root’ and to hold a variety of remedial techniques for positive transformation within the Light/Electro-Magnetic (LEM) field of the client. There is no deeper level of life in which healing can take place, than on the energetic-spiritual. Our energy fields are neither created nor ended by physical birth and death. They are manifestations of that part of our being that is eternal and they allow us to witness and engage with, the mythic journey of our souls. This is the territory in which the Healing Shaman ‘sees’ and offers energy medicine to bring positive holistic health and growth to another.

"The healing gift of energy medicine from one human to another is one of our species most profound acts of Spiritual compassion. We embrace our birthright to draw from the well of Light and to bring that water of new life to the heart of another. In going to the source of all Energy, of all Creation, of all Love, we reveal our truth, that we are in our essence, Gods and Goddesses."

John Cantwell

Upcoming Dates

A warm, cosy and bright Community Space in Smithfield, Dublin City. There is no accomodation or food on this Spiral other than tea/coffee and snacks provided. There are plenty of excellent eateries offering hot, cold, vegetarian and vegan plus gluten free and non dairy options in the vicinity.

Places are booked by participants of a current Medicine Spiral (online or in-person training) during the training or by graduates of the Medicine Spiral after the training has been completed. A student may progress from the Medicine Spiral straight into Healers Spiral in the same calendar year and graduates of the Medicine Spiral in previous years may book a place on the Healers Spiral after a gap of a year or more.

A graduate student of the Medicine Spiral who wishes to book a place on the Healers Spiral must have demonstrated a deep commitment to their personal Shamanic practice during and after the Medicine Spiral. There is also a preliminary personal interview with John and Karen before a place on the Healers Spiral is awarded.

The Healers Spiral is worth doing purely for your own growth and transformation. If you opt for certification, you will be expected to do case studies, submit reports, accept supervision and will be guided towards working with clients. For those who wish to take the training, but not for certification, case studies, reports and supervision are not required. The Healers Spiral is also the opportunity to journey onwards with your tuatha, your sacred tribe, bringing you deeper into circle with others with whom you have bonded by taking the Slí An Chroí Shamanic path.

Shamanic Counselling and Energy Therapy

The Myth of Soul

In the Slí An Chroí approach, there is considerable expansion of native Irish energy techniques for transformation by informing them with those from other cultures. Running parallel with this Energy Medicine refinement  is a model of Shamanic Counselling that allows the therapist to bring deep understanding and ‘ownership of the healing’ to the client. Through this, the person is offered conscious realisation and autonomy of the myth of their own Soul.

This shamanic counselling aspect brings a knowing to the client on how to integrate the full impact of the energetic shifts into the literal levels of their life. There is sustaining self practice in the client that ‘locks’ in the healing and it provides a platform for continual holistic emergence. The Irish-Gaelic word for ‘healing’ is ‘leigheas’, which also means ‘retrieval’ and the Sli An Chroí model of shamanic healing holds dearly to the principle that we turn up fully for the healing of another, so that they may ‘retrieve themselves’.

Mastery of Living Energy for Healing

The Science of the soul

Shamans hold that to practice Energy Medicine is to know mastery of living energy, an epic prospect and one that is the birthright of all.  This training offers the abilities to see and transform the energies that inform ill health. The practitioner of Energy Medicine brings healing at the level of the Soul in the client. As imbalances are perceived and rectified in the energy field, we help another to heal from the very core ‘foundation’ of themselves as a living organism.

Energy Medicine allows us to enter the world of the ‘science of the Soul’ and to bring greater sacredness to the life of another as we assist them to heal from their heart place. We learn to assist our clients by facilitating positive change on the energetic and mythic levels of the life. While esoteric, it is very real and is effective. This ancient tradition may be over 100,000 years old but it is still deeply relevant to the lives and issues we experience today as we face the globally shared ‘turning point’ in the evolution of humanity.


In working with Karen and John, on their Slí An Chroí Spiral Healers Spiral Course, I found them both extremely professional throughout. Most importantly for me, they walk their talk. I highly recommend this training.
The Healers Spiral added a depth to my personal practices as well as to my professional therapies. John and Karen provided excellent support while I completed my certification. Their love for the work shines through and you can't help but be inspired.

How to

Book Your Place

The Healers Spiral has the option to be completed for both certification or non-certification. The former total investment is €1395.00 and the latter is €1,215.00. This does not include accomodation or meals. Snacks and tea/coffee are provided.  A €195.00 Booking Fee secures your place. There are a number of ways to pay the balance during the Course.

Final payment is required by the last weekend in April. The deposit and balance(s) can be paid by Paypal / Stripe, cash or bank transfer.

Booking Fee

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Certification Balance

€1395 in total
per 4 course weekend
  • Tuition & Materials

Non Certification Balance

€1215 in total
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