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Celtic Shamanism - The Native Irish Tradition 


Fáilte – Welcome to Slí An Chroí - “the pathway of the heart”,


our website for indigenous shamanic practitioner training, professional shamanic healing training, personal shamanic healing, a directory of certified shamanic healers in Ireland, (energy medicine and shamanic counselling) as well as a deep resource for the Irish tradition of Spiritual wisdom and mysticism through Nature, which is ancient and contemporary, pre-Celtic and Celtic.


This sacred way of living and healing is the dedication of our professional and personal lives, we bid you a warm welcome and an informative visit to our site. From offering an introduction to our tradition through to providing a centre for community, we see the retrieval of a heart-centred consciousness as intrinsic to holistic health and vital in all our lives at this particular time in our world.


We gather international groups of shamanic practitioners in Ireland and we venture into fieldwork and expeditions abroad with student groups to expand our development, share traditions, dream powerful ceremonies for Mother Earth and celebrate a worldwide community of shamanic practitioners.


Tá Sé Ina Earrach, M'Anam Fiáin

["Taw-Shea-In-Ah-Arr-Ok, Man-Um-Fee-Awn"]


It's Spring, My Wild Soul

Our Imbolg 2017 Schedule can be read on our Centre page and it can be downloaded here. Midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, the festival is commonly celebrated on February 1st or the three days of the first weekend of February. For those who know Mother Earth’s circle dance with Father Sun, the ‘true’ time of Imbolg 2017 will be February 3rd at 15.27PM (GMT). It marks the trinity of festivals of Imbolg, of Bríd (Brigid) and of the season of Spring.



Doubtlessly you have noticed the signs within and without, personal energy levels changing simultaneously in tune with lengthening, warmer days and sights and sounds of Nature speaking of a retreating Winter. Here in Ireland, our bees have been seen visiting the first snowdrops as early as mid January. Honey making has not been seen so early in many a year.The traditional fires lit at Imbolg and the hearth of Brigid that is restored at this time are the heat and flames of your wild Soul rising in Spring and at the same time a vital expression of Spring rising.


Now that the dark dreamtime of Winter is becoming a backdrop, may we be fearless in our own blossoming. It is time to shine brighter and brighter. To see more of ourselves and to be seen more in the world. The word for "Spring" in Irish-Gaelic Earrach is in the masculine gender and speaks of the natural "active" force in all of us whether we be female or male. As animals call for a mate, as sap rises in the trees, we are intrinsically moved to energetically do likewise.Time to make our honey.









Upcoming Events


Throughout the year we continue to facilitate the unique journeys of men and women and our gatherings dedicated to each gender bring a deepening awareness and respect for our manhood and womanhood.


In Slí An Chroí, we hold integrity, safety and respect as core values in all shamanic practice and healing. When our heart begins to open, heal and find courage to adventure, only then do we step into an experience of humanity that shifts the horizons that once limited us.


Whether through individual healing, training and/or coming into community with us, may you find the connection to your heart and to the greater world that you yearn for.


May Slí An Chroí be a resource for you to step forward into your truth, find sacredness and realise your unique potential.

Le brí na taise – “With the energy of compassion”,

John Cantwell and Karen Ward.






“When we step into shamanic practice, our hearts take us on an epic path of discovery, power and beauty. It is the soul’s ‘journey home’, connecting us to the sacredness and magic of Life. We touch the earth and rise gifted with healing, to become true caretakers of ourselves and of the earth. We see our purpose and come to know the ecstatic joy that rolls like thunder deep in the centre of our being and of all creation. This is the pathway of the heart, “Slí An Chroí.”



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